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NEW Tournament Sponsor

WOW is all I can say...not only is this 'dog-blogging' thing more fun than a nice long roll in the grass, but I am so paws-up HAPPY to welcome our newest BRONZE-level Sponsors: KATE AND PAT LARKIN! Thank you for supporting the Animal Angels Charity Golf Tournament. To find out how you can sponsor our event, lick on the....oops, I meant Click on the "Be A Sponsor" tab.


Donation, Tournament Entry and Sponsor forms have been added so that everyone interested in supporting the fundraising efforts of Animal Angels Texas can view and download the proper forms and snail mail them to us. SOON we'll finish setting it up so that all that can be done right from this blog or from the Animal Angels Texas website via paypal. A woof-out to technology!


Keep checking back for updates and thanks for your support! And please don't forget to visit our main website where you can learn about the work and intent of Animal Angels Texas.

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